Isothermal Pneumatc Molding of Dome-Shaped Parts of Anisotropic Material in Short-Time Creeping Mode

  •  Sergey Yakovlev    
  •  Sergey Larin    
  •  Valeriy Platonov    


Studying isothermal straining of dome-shaped shells with the aim of evaluating kinematics of the material flow, stress and strained conditions, force conditions, geometrical dimensions of shells and possibility frontier of straining. The theoretical study of the isothermal straining processes has been performed on the basis of the theory of short-time creeping of anisotropic material. There has been revealed the influence of technological parameters, conditions of loading, and geometry of working tools on the kinematics of material flow produced by friction conditions on the blank and tool contact surfaces, stress and strain states, force conditions, possibility frontiers of form-shaping of operations of isothermal deforming of dome-shaped shells made out of high-strength anisotropic materials. Conclusions. The equations obtained can be used for theoretical analysis of operations of isothermal straining of dome-shaped shells in the mode of short-time creeping.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.