The Evaluation of Cardiovascular Endurance Test for Male Cadet Officers

  •  Mohar Kassim    
  •  Rahmat Mokhtar    


The aim of this research is to measure a cardiovascular endurance performence for 18 year old male cadet officers. The descriptive quantitative research is carried out by experimental observation by using a 2.4 km Run Test as the instrument. A total of 120 respondents is selected by random in the Foundation Programme NDUM Session 2013/2014 in the research. Descriptive Statistics is used to explain the characteristics of the sample. The analysis of data used is mean, median and standard deviation. The findings showed the level of cardiovascular endurance fitness for the male cadet officers in the Foundation level in NDUM is at a very satisfactory level ( M=10.86, SD=0.91) with the normal percentile norm and recorded time 11.13 minutes that is located at the 50th percentile and above. The fitness norm is produced by using guidelines layed out by Cooper (2007). Therefore, the norms that has been produced is recommended to be utilized widely to measure the level of cardiovascular endurance fitness for an 18 years old male.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.