Necessity of Clinical Engineers to Improve Present Health Technology Management in Developing Countries

  •  Md. Anwar Hossain    
  •  S. M. Sharun    
  •  M. A. Rashid    
  •  M. R. Islam    
  •  M. Ahmad    


Developing countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia and so many could not introduce clinical engineering professional (CEP) in health technology management (HTM) science. As a result, they could not establish the safe health technology management. Conversely, CEP has been introduced by developed countries in HTM for about last 35 years long and thereby established a safe health care system. We noticed the continual problem in the health care management system. To overcome this continual problem, we think that clinical engineering professional is very much necessary to proper implementation of health technology management in developing countries in order to ensure the safe health care system. CEP will train to HTM personnel and a safe health care management will be established in developing countries. The modern medical technology will be involved by the proper practice of HTM and CEP. This pioneer professional will keep the whole HTM with good functional condition. Therefore, we conclude that introducing of CEP is badly necessary to improve the existing unhealthy HTM as well as health care system of the developing countries.HTM personnel will understand the necessity of CEP as well as health care planners. This paper will guide to the existing personnel of HTM and help them to understand the importance roles of CEP. Among these counties, the health care technology management system seems to very problematic. Continually, it is observing that the health care technology management performance is twisting with the increase of sophisticated medical devices. Authors firmly believe that an excellent benefit can be obtained by introducing skilled clinical engineers in the health services of developing countries as Bangladesh. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.