Genetic Algorithm Enabled Prevention of Sybil Attacks for LEACH-E

  •  R. Amuthavalli    
  •  R. S. Bhuvaneswaran    


Wireless Sensor networks are deployed in hostile environments for critical application, especially in the militaryand civil domains. The sensor nodes depend uponbattery power. Sensor nodes utilize more energycompared toa normal node. This may increase delays and reduce the packet delivery ratio that cause attacks in the network.The Sybil attack is one of the dangerous attacks against sensor and ad-hoc networks, where a node illegitimatelyclaims multiple identities. The aim of the cluster based Hierarchy routing protocol LEACH-E(Low EnergyAdaptive Clustering Hierarchy-Energy) is to provide secure routing and to preserve the functionalities of theoriginal protocol. This energy efficient protocol always elects a Cluster Head (CH) based on high energy amongthe cluster group.Here we propose a LEACH-E-GA for Intrusion detection (ID) in Wireless Sensor Nodes. TheGenetic Algorithm is deployed into LEACH-E to provide prevention for Sybil attacks. The objective of thisGenetic Algorithm (GA) is to identify its best trusted neighbors for communication using its optimizationcapability. LEACH-E-GA reduces an inside attack in WSN and shows reliable transmission with improvednetwork efficiency, reduced delay and increased packet delivery ratio.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.