The Effect of Operating Conditions on the Migration Activity of Pollutants from the Building Materials

  •  Pugin Konstantin Georgievich    
  •  Gromov Igor Mihailovich    


It was experimentally establishedthe changing of migratory activity of pollutants from building materials derivedfrom blast furnace slag, during their life cycle in the form of non-linear wave-like character while newly openedcontact surfaces with aggressive waters appearedduring the gradual crushing of materials as a result ofdestructive mechanical effects on them and effect of aggressive waters with varying pH values. The regularitiesof the migration activity of pollutants (for example, heavy metals) are set as a direct dependence on the value ofthe newly opened contact surfaces of the material with water having a variable pH. It is shown the expediency ofamending the order of the sanitary-hygienic assessment of building materials with the addition of industrialwaste (Methodological Guidelines МУ 2.1.674-97 "Sanitary-hygienic evaluation of materials with the additionof industrial waste" RU), allowing to take into account the migration of pollutants from them during the lifecycle.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.