Assessment of Quality Management over Public Sector: Problems, Contradictions, Development of Methodology

  •  Kozhevina Olga V.    
  •  Balunova Nataliya V.    
  •  Yurchenko Evgeniya V.    
  •  Trifonov Pavel V.    
  •  Guseva Anna V.    


Development of a methodology for assessing the Quality Management entities in the Public Sector is animportant scientific and practical problem of Economic Research. Using the results of the assessment providedby the authors on the basis of the methodology allows for ratings of Public Sector organizations, base yourdecisions on the reorganization and privatization, to monitor changes in the level of Quality Management of theorganization of the Public Sector. The study revealed the contradictions associated with the assessment ofmanagement quality and reasonable conditions for effective design of Public Sector organizations, a mechanismwith an integrated evaluation system of economic, budgetary, social and public information and innovationcriteria. The main conclusion of the article is that the evaluation of the Quality Management of the organizationof the Public Sector should be based not only on the performance achieved in the dynamics used in the analysisof the effectiveness of management, but also take into account the reference levels for the values of theseindicators. Comparison of indicators would assess not only the degree of achievement of objectives and results,but also the extent to which the chosen development strategy from the perspective of their quality control.

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