Recent Technologies to Improving Social and Communication Skills in Children with ASD: Systematization of Approaches and Methods

  •  Albina Nesterova    
  •  Rimma Aysina    
  •  Tatjana Suslova    


In the article recent technologies of formation and development of social and communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders are analyzed. A systematic review summarizes the most effective and verified interventions of support to socialization of children with ASD: applied behavior analysis (ABA); cognitive-behavioral training (CBT); social stories method; social skills training (SST). We pay special attention to virtual technologies and video simulations so these methods allow to form social skills in children with ASD more efficiently and psychologically safe. Problems and prospects of using virtual technologies for children with ASD needs are discussed. The specificity of Russian practical experience and researches in development of heuristic technologies of development of social communication of persons with ASD is described: animal-assisted therapy, somatosensory correction, author art therapy and folk forms of intervention. On the basis of analytical work it is concluded that the gap between theory and practice needs to be neutralized, when scientifically unfounded practical developments are introduced in helping autistic people and researches of scientists are not always verified in an empirical manner.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.