Complex for Simulation Modeling of the Dynamics of Dosing Systems

  •  Almaz Khanov    
  •  Alexey Kobityansky    
  •  Alexey Shafranov    
  •  Mihail Kuznetsov    


The design of dosing systems with regard to the engineering and design requirements based on the system approach is a relevant and important issue for various industries. Stage modeling of such systems is one of the main issues in the design process. The purpose of work is development of complex for simulation modeling of systems of volumetric dosing of liquids. Realization of this goal is based on a combination of fundamental and computational schemes of functioning of dosing systems; mathematical models taking into account the dynamic relationships of their elements in different modes of operation and software for the study of these models. The structure of the complex is given. Using the diagrams the interaction of the elements of the metering system is shown and the relevant mathematical relationships present. As an example, dynamic phenomena processes dosing for hydraulic and mechanical drive of the executive body of the metering system are described. The algorithm of calculation of dynamic characteristics of dosing systems is developed on the basis of which the proposed software for mathematical modeling in the environment of Matlab using integrated numerical algorithms for solving systems of differential equations by the Runge-Kutta method of 4th and 5th order. Some results of calculations of the dynamic characteristics of the dispensing process for cases hydraulic, and the Cam actuator of the Executive body of the dispenser are shown. A graphical illustration of the results obtained is given and the comparison of the dynamic characteristics of dosing systems for the types of drives that allows their evaluation and selection of one or another construction in accordance with specified requirements is given. System for simulation modeling allows you to implement a directed study of the dynamics of dosing systems with access to the solution of problems of optimal design and synthesis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.