Determination of Measurements of the Female Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  •  Tavarkul Baskimbayeva    
  •  Yerkin Danebergenov    


Article deals with the problem of the size typology development of the female population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Based on the statistical data of anthropometric measurements of the female population the absolute values of the basic dimensional characteristics for four age groups are determined. Based on the correlative-regression analysis the dependences of subordinate measurements from the leading were revealed. The analysis of the numerical values of the measurements of the female population depending on the age factor is given. On the basis of the calculation of the regression equations, the values of dimensional attributes of subordinates for typical figures used in the design of clothing are determined. On the example of the typical figure 164-96-104 the results of calculations of the absolute values of subordinate measurable traits for women of all age groups in comparison with the total age group and data of the previous dimensional typology are given.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.