The Plasticizerson the Basis of the Modified Fatty Acids

  •  Baibulekov Baibulekovich    
  •  Baibolov Seyitzhanovich    
  •  Ristavletov Amanovich    
  •  Kalshabekova Nurlibaevna    


The various chemical additives regulating properties of the concrete mix and concrete among which has special place occupy fluidifier and widely applied to depreciation of concrete and improvement of its quality. The fluidifiers are not issued by the industry of Kazakhstan, therefore the production technology development fluidifiers on the basis of the fat-and-oil industry waste is actual, and will allow to provide highly effective fluidifiers manufacture of concrete and mortar and to utilizethe fat-and-oil industry waste. Fundamentally technology of obtaining of additive is put thermoalkaline processing of tar of distillation of fat acids by the saponification ofwater solution of alkali with removal insoluble components in water. The results of researches of influence of obtained fluidifiers on the basic characteristics of concrete mix and concrete on the conditions of the raised temperature and low relative humidity of environment have shown that the implementation of the obtained additives in concrete mixes leads to substantial improvement of technological and physical-mechanical properties of concrete.

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