The Results of Experimental Studies of Prestressed Pipelines under Operational Impacts

  •  Alpisbay Ainabekov    
  •  Ulanbator Suleymenov    
  •  Arman Moldagaliyev    
  •  Gaukhar Omashova    
  •  Toremurat Serikbayev    


Results of tests of prestressed pipeline models are presented in the article. Application of a way of preliminary stress for increase in static durability and improvement of dynamic characteristics of the main pipelines is experimentally proved. The formulas for determining the frequencies of free oscillations of the ring which is prestressed by a winding and the extended pipeline are offered. Received formulas consider of preliminary stress and service conditions. The test results showed that this technique can be used as a technique of active seismic protection of the design. This statement is based on the possibility of regulation by dynamic characteristics of designs by selection of a step and effort of a stress of a thread of a winding.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.