Theory and Technology of the Phosphorus Extraction from Ferrophosphorus

  •  Serzhanov Mendikarayevich    
  •  Shevko Mikhaylovich    
  •  Yeskendirova Mikhaylovna    


This article contains the research results of thermodynamic modelling of the chemical interaction of iron phosphides (Fe3P, Fe2P, FeP and FeP2) with ferrosilicon FeSi2. The results were received by a method of the full thermodynamic analysis using the program HSC-5.1 of the Finnish metallurgical company Outokumpu, which was developed on a principle of the Gibbs energy minimization. The article considers the experimental results concerning to kinetics of the phosphorus extraction from electrothermal ferrophosphorus using ferrosilicon of a grade FS65. In addition, optimum technological parameters of the phosphorus extraction from the industrial ferrophosphorus, containing 26,4 % of phosphorus, and manufacture of a ferroalloy were determined.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.