Design and Verification for Hypersonic Aerodynamic Model with Duct of Internal and External Flow Decoupling

  •  Zejiang Wang    
  •  Wenping Song    
  •  Jin Jiang    
  •  Huiyong Zhao    
  •  Yong Zhang    


In order to develop the design techniques for the hypersonic aerodynamic testing model with duct system of internal flow and external flow decoupling, this research used a circular cross section air-breathing hypersonic cruise vehicle model, explored the model design technique for internal flow and external flow separated from each other, the design technique and the seal technique for the clearance between the internal flow part and the external flow part, the design technique of ring type six-component strain-gauge balance and so on. A wind tunnel test was conducted at mach 6. The results of the test indicate that, the design of the internal flow and external flow decoupling test system is successful to get credible test data. It have been mastered that the key techniques for the test system design of internal flow and external flow decoupling.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.