A Study on Effects of Soil Physico-Chemical Properties on Cocoa Production in Ondo State

  •  Isaac Ajayi    
  •  Isaac Ololade    
  •  Emmanuel Gbadamosi    
  •  Muraina Mohammed    
  •  Ayodeji Sunday    


Cocoa is a major export crop in Nigeria with highest percentage coming from Ondo State. However, the production has dwindled in recent years. This study has examined the impacts of soil physico-chemical properties (pH, total organic carbon (TOC), cation exchange capacity (CEC) and textural nature) of different cocoa plantations within six selected communities of Ondo State, Nigeria on cocoa productivity. Results obtained showed that soils of the various locations are not significantly different from one another in terms of chemical properties but differ with decreasing soil profile. The pH, OC and CEC obtained ranged from 5.1, 0.35 – 4.30% and 2.10 – 6.05 meq/100g respectively which tended to decrease with depth. A guided fertilizer usage has been recommended to cocoa farmers to boost the productivity of the cash crop.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.