Development of Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Synthetic Metal-Cutting Fluid

  •  Yuzan Yu    
  •  Yugao Guo    
  •  Lei Wang    
  •  Enqi Tang    


This paper introduces a method for preparation of environmentally friendly water-based synthetic metal-cutting fluid, which is formulated with the self-made triethanolamine ricinoleate as base oil and other additives. This cutting fluid exhibits good cooling, cleaning, anti-rust, anti-corrosive and lubricating properties, is totally free of mineral oil, animal oil, nitrite that is harmful to the human body, phosphate that causes water pollution and etc., and has stable and reliable quality, long service life, easily available raw materials and low production cost. It is quite a perfect “environmentally friendly cutting fluid”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.