Chessboard Coverage Teaching Based on Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm

  •  Zhijie Li    
  •  Feixue Huang    
  •  Xiangdong Liu    
  •  Xiaodong Duan    


Though the divide-and-conquer algorithm is a powerful technology, but it is difficult to be used in practice, so the design of this algorithm should be regulated in the teaching. In this article, the teaching process and the characters of the divide-and-conquer algorithm are studied when solving the problem of chessboard coverage. Aiming at the deficiency that the existing teaching method uses skills in decomposing sub-problems and increases the teaching difficulty, the coverage sequence of L-type dominoes is improved. The improved algorithm can keep consistent with the divide-and conquer strategy and standardize the iterative process, and increase the normative character and the consistence of the algorithm, and hence achieve ideal teaching result.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.