Obtaining Hardened Layers of Heat-Resistant Steels by Plasma-Welding Deposition of Congeneric Materials

  •  Yuri Shitsyn    
  •  Dmitry Belinin    
  •  Sergey Neulybin    
  •  Pavel Kuchev    


The paper presents the research results on plasma-hardening of heat-resistant steel layers by plasma-welding deposition of congeneric materials under straight and reverse polarity current. The dependence of the deposited layer quality on the current polarity has been determined. A metallographic examination and measurement of micro-hardness of the deposited layer have been conducted. The dependence of the deposited layer characteristics on the welding parameters has been determined. The obtained results allow the use of plasma-welding deposition to obtain layers with the required strength characteristics using the material, congeneric to the parent material.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.