Regeneration of Spent Catalysts for Furfural Decarbonylation

  •  Aliya Bitemirova    
  •  Haliya Alihanova    
  •  Roza Spabekova    
  •  Bibigul’ Shagrayeva    
  •  Myrzabek Ermahanov    


The article discusses the reasons for the decontamination of industrial catalysts for furfural decarbonylation. Various methods for regenerating of the supported catalyst are studied. For example, organic and inorganic solvents were used for the regeneration of spent catalyst for obtaining industrial furan. To improve the activity of spent-regenerated samples of CDF-1 catalyst, the method of modifying with d-metals additives from aqueous solutions was applied. Iron, cobalt, and nickel were used as modifying additives.

Results for furfural decarbonylation on additives regenerated-modified with transitive d-metals batches of spent CDF-1 catalyst shows that implementing spent modifying additives to the regenerated catalyst increases the stability and activity. The article provides methods for regenerating spent CDF-1 catalyst, and modifying the regenerated catalyst and its reusing in the process of decarbonylation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.