Effect of Hot Deformation on the Wear Behavior of Al2O3/ A356 Nano-Composites

  •  Nawal Abdul-latiff    
  •  Akeel Subhi    
  •  Marwan Hussein    


In the present work, Al2O3/A356 nano composites with different Al2O3 nano sizes (10 and 20 nm) and weight percentages (1 and 2 wt.%) have been prepared using rheocasting technique and followed by hot deformation at 250 °C with different ratios (30 and 40%). Pin on disc wear test was used to study wear behavior of prepared Al2O3/A356 nano composites while scanning electron microscopy used to build up the wear mechanism. The results showed that the hot deformed nano Al2O3 /A356 composites have lower wear rate compared with non deformed one. Furthermore, with increasing the particle size and percentage of Al2O3 nano particles, wear rate decreased. The optimal result was achieved at the nano-composite containing 20 nm Al2O3 particles after hot deformation with ratio of 40%. SEM studies of the worn surfaces of nano composites showed that the main wear mechanism was oxidative in conjunction with metallic one.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.