ACM Check Dams in Concrete Gutters for Recirculation Filters of Wastewater from Whiteleg Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Aquaculture in Southern Thailand

  •  Jiroj Peerakeitkhajorn    
  •  Wit Tarnchalanukit    
  •  Kasem Chunkao    


Theresearch was aimed to recirculate the treated wastewater from Whiteleg shrimpfarms in following each other without interruptionby using concrete gutters containing ACM (Assembled ConstructedMaterials) check dams as    the filters. Among the 2-inch diameter ofchipped-assembled-constructed materials, the ACM-Brick filterwas the     most effective rather thanroof-tile, blocked cement, and rock, respectively. Three ACM-Brick check damswith 5-m space between them were indicated as 47.3 % treatment efficiencytogether with flow rates of 600 to 900      L/hr, and up to more 65 % and 85 % forfourth and fifth ACM-Brick   checkdams while the first and second dams   found13.0 % to 28.4 % efficiencies. Seemingly, irrespectiveof employing brick, roof-tile, blocked cement, or rock  for constructing the ACM check dam was installedin concrete gutters with the size of 1-mwidth, 0.5-m depth, and more or less 20-m length that could be served needs inrecirculation aquaculture of Whitelegshrimps to gain satisfied  benefits.Culturing Whiteleg shrimps in 3-sq.m. and 3-cu.m.concrete gutterscontaining only one of 0.5-sq.m. and 1-depth ACM-Brick filters by RCB design for 4 treatments (culturing shrimpdensities) and 3 replications found          the density of 105 juveniles/3m2(6,606 kg/ha) with the most harvested-added weight 2,710 kg/ha (69.55 %                of beginning weight), anddecreasing after increasing the density of 6,720, 8,371, and 11,382 kg/ha incorresponding to harvested-added weight 65.29 %, 46.36 %, and 42.33 %,respectively. The findings also informed that         flow rate of 720 L/hr indicatedsomewhat  high effective influences ondecreasing of water temperature, salinity, pH, DO, EC, alkalinity, TDS, BOD, NH4-N,NO2-N, and NO3-N which were conditioned for recirculationaquaculture of Whiteleg shrimps.

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