Research of Human Factors in Information Security

  •  Boris Skorodumov    
  •  Olga Skorodumova    
  •  Liliya Matronina    


The article represents results of research of information security problem in social and human aspects. Authors assume that information sciences are usually focused on detecting and further processing of technical mechanisms and tools for support of information security. However, the analysis of social and human factors influencing growth of criminality in the field of information technologies, search for complex measures and methods aiming to decrease human risks arising from computer criminality is very important as well. One of solutions for information security problem in credit and financial spheres is shown on the example of bank system of Russia. Special attention is drawn to analysis of specificity and dynamics of hacker subculture, its place in cybercrime, taking into account interdisciplinary direction of research of the information security problem. The authors of the article came to the conclusion that early detecting and studying existing and potential threats, notifying  system administrators and other technical personnel on such threats and coordinating their activity, as well as cultural and educational policy of states and international communities aiming to create a positive information security expert image, are very important for the information security support.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.