Cavitation Treatment of High-Viscosity Marine Fuels for Medium-Speed Diesel Engines

  •  Sergii Sagin    
  •  Valerii Solodovnikov    


The paper considers processes of treatment for fuels with high sulphur content, when applied in marine medium-speed diesel engines. The paper describes features of operating marine medium-speed diesel engine fuel systems with high-viscosity fuels. The paper offers an option for the cavitation fuel treatment to disrupt the sulphur-carbon bonds in the marine fuels. The authors developed a scheme of the experimental installation, which allows performing cavitation fuel treatment. The results of the analysis are provided in the paper, as well as the fuel cavitation treatment effect on sulphur wear of diesel engine cylinder and piston assembly parts (bushing and top piston ring) is analysed, as well as its operational parameters (maximum cylinder pressure, gases temperature in the exhaust manifold).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.