Research of the Algorithm for the Work on Scientific Texts

  •  Ainakul Tumanova    
  •  Valentine Lee    
  •  Zhamilya Abaeva    
  •  Elena Chekina    
  •  Raushan Turebekova    
  •  Gulbanu Tleubay    


The article focuses on teaching professional communication to non-philology students. The purpose of the article is to demonstrate an example of a particular text consistency and coherence stages at working with texts on their profession. A system of consistent actions is offered when working on scientific text (nine-step algorithm). This algorithm allows the student to not only learn how to understand and analyse scientific text on their profession, but also prepare them for self-production of the text. Eventually, it will prepare the student to creation of qualified scientific works on the topic of the research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.