Syntactic Foams Efficiency with the Use of Various Microspheres for Heat Supply Equipment and Pipelines Heat Insulation

  •  Artem Ryzhenkov    
  •  Sergej Pogorelov    
  •  Natalia Loginova    
  •  Elena Belyaeva    
  •  Anastasiya Plestsheva    


Syntactic foams are of interest to solve the problem of increase in the efficiency of heat supply equipment and pipelines heat insulation. The article analyses the efficiency of the use of various microspheres for syntactic foams when used for heat supply equipment and pipelines heat insulation. Moscow Power Engineering Institute has been conducting a large number of researches with the use of specific universal methods and the test stand which meets the modern requirements in order to determine the heat conductivity coefficient of various heat-insulating materials. These studies are designed to identify the impact of binding materials and microspheres properties over syntactic foams heat conductivity. The results of researches show that microspheres properties impact the heat-insulating characteristics of coatings.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.