A Research of the Bridge Structure Form Selection Based on the Mountains City Bridge Aaesthetics

  •  Wulin Wulin    


Along with the rapid development of science and technology since the 19th century, the traditional design concept gradually replace the application of new materials, new structure and new skills by bridge engineers study. In people's living standards continue to improve conditions need to be the engineer devised a more perfect, more harmonious bridge to meet the spiritual needs of people. Modern bridge design should not only is a simple mechanical design, structure, construction, but also should be with the perfect combination of philosophy and aesthetics. How to make the bridge satisfy engineering specification, appearance and perfect coordination with the surrounding landscape, is an important topic of the current bridge construction. This paper probes into the basic principles of the mountains bridge aesthetics, with Two- river bridge as the example shows that the bridge aesthetics take the important role in bridge design,and reference for the related projects.

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