Theoretical Estimation of Grassmann’s Transformation Resolution in Avionics Color Coding Systems

  •  Yuri Gatchin    
  •  Igor Zharinov    
  •  Anatoly Korobeynikov    
  •  Oleg Zharinov    


The problem of an assessment of the resolution of mathematical Grassmann’s transformation, binding chromaticity coordinates in various systems of chromaticity coding, RGB and XY, is considered. Examples of graphic representations of colors and shades in various coding systems are given. The inference of the formula for an assessment of the resolution of Grassmann’s transformation, specified as the minimal non-zero absolute value of (x,y)-chromaticity coordinates change, caused by any given RGB code augmentation value, is proposed. Numerical values of the resolution are calculated, and combinations of the initial and final RGB codes, which refer to the reached minimums of chromaticity coordinates changes, both ?x and ?y, that caused by unit incrementation of the RGB code, presuming eight-bit representation for each color component, R, G, B, are defined.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.