Passenger Transport Management Methodology Based on the Econometric Analysis of Demand for Trans-Regional Transportation in Respect to the Innovation Economic Development Stage

  •  Maria Suraeva    
  •  Maria Abuzyarova    
  •  Rustam Khansevyarov    
  •  Aleksandr Zhabin    


Transport complex is one of the fields of the RF forming infrastructure economy, which state influences national economy branches complexes development, interrelation of the economy branches, industry branches, and territorial complexes.

On the one hand, transport as a market segment carries out goods exchange and renders services to population, and, on the other hand –as a market entity, it sells its services by transferring goods and passengers. Different kinds of transport render these services differently, thereby forming transport market. The development of transport is attributed to the growth of any country’s productive forces and its external relations.

Complexity and low development level of formation and strategy realization problem of railway passenger transportation management, as well as need for further deepening the theory and practice of its prospects for development predetermined the topic choice and relevance in respect to the innovation stage of the Russian economy development.

The methodology of demand for trans-regional railway passenger transportation in the RF and its main parameters depending on various economic factors based on author econometric model is developed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.