Algorithmic Support of Optimization of Multicast Data Transmission in Networks with Dynamic Routing

  •  Anatoliy Nyrkov    
  •  Andrey Belousov    
  •  Sergey Sokolov    


This article describes the optimization process for the multicast tree in the networks with dynamic traffic routing, which is based on the channel state and evaluates each channel. The problem of constructing a multicast connections tree on graphs is formalized. The possibility of improving the existing algorithms by selecting certain "rendezvous points", as well as the algorithm for reducing the "cost" of the multicast routing tree are analysed. Simulation of tree construction was made in accordance with the family of Protocol-Independent Multicast protocols and the proposed algorithm. A critical analysis of the simulation results and comparative evaluation of uniformity of loading data channel at multicast routing are carried out.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.