Delay Tracking Algorithm for the Pilot Component of GLONASS Perspective Signal with Code Division Multiple Access

  •  Alexandr Perov    


The paper studies the issue of the synthesis of the optimal code delay tracking algorithm for the pilot component of GLONASS perspective signal with BOC(1,1) modulation and processing at subcarrier frequencies.

The study objective is synthesis and analysis of optimal code delay tracking algorithm of BOC(1,1) modulated signal (pilot component of L1OC GLONASS perspective signal) using the method of additional variable and processing at subcarrier frequencies.

Equations describing optimal tracking system with account to multimodality of code delay aposteriori probability density are calculated using the theory of optimal filtering and the method of additional variable.

The structural scheme of delay discriminator with processing at subcarrier frequencies is developed.  Discrimination and fluctuation characteristics of synthesized delay discriminator are calculated. The results of the proposed tracking algorithm modelling, which demonstrate its performance and accuracy characteristics, are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.