Intensification Dissolved Air Flotation Treatment of Oil-Containing Wastewater

  •  Anton Eskin    
  •  Gennady Zakharov    
  •  Nadezhda Tkach    
  •  Ksenia Tsygankova    


The paper is devoted to the oil-containing water treatment by dissolved air flotation. Patents search revealed trends in the dissolved air flotation devices development. A method for increasing the treated fluid aeration by its dispersion at excess pressure is offered.

The electrolyte influence on the flotation extraction efficiency is researched. The change in electrolyte concentration influences the bubble coalescence degree, as well as the charge on the particle and the bubble. It is shown that an increase in electrolyte concentration can increase the flotation treatment efficiency. At that, a cheap source of electrolytes is by-products of different processes.

In addition, the paper presents data from the regulations in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, on the maximum permitted concentrations of oil products in wastewater. The advantages of dissolved air flotation in comparison with other types of flotation extraction are shown. This paper may be useful to engineers and scientists, whose work involves oil-containing water treatment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.