Treatment of Apatite Nepheline Ore Wasteenrichment Waste

  •  Marina Maslova    
  •  Lidiya Gerasimova    
  •  Anatoly Nikolaev    


The study demonstrated the efficiency of using the cascade reaction method applied to polymineral systems treatment, including technogenic waste of apatite nepheline ore. The conditions for minerals decomposition by sulphuric acid, content, and properties of forming solid phases have been researched. The sequence for carrying out production operations has been defined; the parameters and their operation modes were optimized. It is shown that by gradually increasing the sulphuric acid concentration and temperature the process can be carried out stepwise so that the products of one reaction participate in another reaction. This method provides complete use of initial mineral wastes and conversion of components in the form of wide range of useful products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.