Modeling a Jitter in Telecommunication Data Networks for Studying Adequacy of Traffic Patterns

  •  Aleksandr Blagov    


This article focuses on researching quality of service in telecommunication networks, using simulation models. Due to the presence of the self-similarity effect in network traffic, the author used the approach with self-similar traffic patterns.

The article proposes the method associated with building a one-dimensional distribution of delay variation, a jitter. Design and analysis of delay variation are tested on modifications of telecommunications traffic models «Input M/G/¥» and «On-Off Sources», which make it possible to simulate traffic with pre-defined self-similar properties and at the same time with pre-defined statistical characteristics of small levels.

Software suite AnyLogic is used as simulation medium that supports approaches with both discrete and continuous time of simulation.

The experiments established the benefits of improved versions of «InputM/G/¥» and «On-Off Sources» models over the base models in terms of the most important characteristic of Quality of Service in the jitter network. A conclusion was made that simulation modeling of the studied model makes it possible to analyze quality of service in a telecommunications network by such a parameter as delay variation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.