Production of Waterproof Composite Magnesia Cement on the Basis of Local Mineral Resources

  •  Kamila Gapparova    
  •  Tatyana Khudyakova    
  •  Vladimir Verner    
  •  Lyazzat Atanbayeva    


The given article contains the research results of the waterproof magnesia cement production on the basis of Kazakhstan mineral resources by the introduction of additives of natural and synthetic wollastonite and calcium hydrosilicate. The input additives promote a considerable consolidation of the magnesia stone’s structure and increasing water resistance coefficient from 0,56 to 0,93. The produced magnesite cement can be used for building of radio-protective constructions, manufacturing plates and panels for internal and external facing of buildings, making seamless floors, garages, car parks, working areas, etc.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.