Method of Static Characteristics Calculation of Vibroinsulators with Rectilinear and Circular Working Sections in a Non-Linear Approach

  •  Alexander Gvozdev    
  •  Vladimir Melentjev    


An implementation of full-metal vibroinsulators is one of the most effective measures for an elimination of harmful effects of vibration in mechanical systems. However, in a contemporary literature an issue of an analytical calculation of vibroinsulators of that type, considering a non-linearity of the characteristics, is addressed insufficiently. In the presented study, by an implementation of exact theory of bending of elastic rods, the methodology of load characteristics calculation of full-metal vibroinsulators with elastic elements of rectilinear and circular shape of initial axial lines was developed. A groundlessness of Euler equation's implementation was demonstrated in a case of large displacement of linear rods, commensurable with their length. The method allows to increase designer's capabilities, to improve an accuracy of the calculation and to reduce time spent for a final adjustment of a product, which will ultimately lead to cost reduction final products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.