Study on the Workover Fluid Formula and Performance of the Prevention Reservoir

  •  Fengying Zhang    
  •  Jienian Yan    
  •  Zhiyong Li    


In the workover treatment of Yakela condensate gas field, the workover fluids are easily leaked, and many problems such as clay expansion, rate sensitivity, migration of fines, and change of wetting property will occur, which will induce serious reservoir harms. In the article, the performances of the existing workover fluid of the Yakela condensate gas field with high temperature and high pressure are evaluated, and the influencing factors harming the reservoir are analyzed and obtained, and the effective measures and methods preventing the reservoir harm are confirmed. The technical principle, material composing, performance index, and the evaluation of stratum liquid compatibility are introduced in the article. The result of performance evaluation indicates that the core return permeability of the workover liquid system can achieve above 80%, and it is an ideal low-harm workover fluid system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.