Regrassion Modeling for Spur Gear Condition Monitoring Through Oil Film Thickness Based on Acoustic Emission Signal

  •  Yasir Ali    
  •  Roslan Abd Rahman    
  •  Raja Hamzah    


The main purpose of a gear lubricant is to provide adequate oil film thickness to reduce and prevent gear tooth surface failures .Until now, there is no study in the literature related to the estimation of oil film thickness through Acoustic emission signals. In this study, for spur gear condition monitoring a new approach based on mathematical model was presented for oil film regimes detection.

This study is focused on the ability of regression model to find whether the gearbox is running in elastohydrodynamic, mixed wear or severe wear lubrication mode. Then, forecasting accuracy of the model is measured by examine the prediction error that produced by using Mean Squared Error and Mean Absolute Error. In this paper a mathematical model for time-series prediction was considered and the results shows the ability of the regression model to predict oil film regime.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.