Application of New 3-D Analytical Model for Directional Wellbore Friction

  •  Mohammad Fazaelizadeh    
  •  Geir Hareland    
  •  Bernt Aadnoy    


Wellbore friction modeling is considered as an important assessment to aid realtime drilling analysis. It predicts and prevents drilling troubles such as tight holes, cutting bed accumulations, differential sticking, etc.


This paper presents a new wellbore friction model for drilling horizontal and extended reach wells. This model can be easily applied for all wellbore shapes such as straight, curved and also combination of different curved sections. The model has the capability of torque and drag calculations for different drilling modes such as rotating, tripping and also combination of modes such as reaming and back reaming operations.


For improving the model, different effects such as contact surface and hydrodynamic viscous force were included in the model, and their impacts on the results were investigated. To show the application of model, a field case study was used and deviations of modeling results from field data were analyzed precisely.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.