Problems of Beam Focusing by Electromagnetic Field in Linear Electron Accelerator with Standing Wave, Based on Biperiodic Structure

  •  Aleksandr Novozhilov    
  •  Aleksandr Filatov    
  •  Vladimir Shilov    


In the presented paper problems of particles dynamics in linear electron accelerators with standing wave are discussed. The focus of the study is a possibility of use of focusing properties of electromagnetic accelerating field for passing an electronic beam through aperture of biperiodic slow-wave structure (BSS), which will lead to a significant reduction of an accelerator's sizes. The calculation methodology is proposed and results of the study of particle dynamics in accelerators with standing wave based on BSS are presented, which prove a possibility of beam passing without using external focusing elements. The proposed methodology can be used for a calculation and design of linear electron accelerator (LEA).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.