The Modeling of Drying Process of a Grain Moving Layer with Inversion

  •  Sergey Podgorny    
  •  Vyacheslav Kosachev    
  •  Eugene Koshevoy    
  •  Anzaur Skhalyakhov    
  •  Hazret Siyukhov    


The process of drying in a moving grain layer with cross ingrained production line of a siccative agent is applied in some constructions of dryers. To determine the effectiveness of inversion the modeling of the drying process was developed, which is based on dependences describing the drying process in the layer. The description of the drying process in the potentials of mass transfer which allowed considering the changing profiles of moisture content and temperature interactive streams of a grain and a grain drying agent was proposed. The efficiency of inversion during the process of drying is achieved. When modeling two - and three-segment organization of drying process of a grain moving layer with inversion (direction alternation) interacting flows of grain and drying agent, it is established that on the second segment in both cases allows reducing the unevenness of the dried-up grain, leaving the dryer.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.