Prospects for a Development of a High-Tech Production of Competitive Science-Intensive Electrical Products

  •  Albert Gallyamov    
  •  Pavel Rogojin    
  •  Sergei Ganigin    
  •  Ildar Ibatullin    


The presented paper discusses a technology of a production of aluminum substrate copper sublayer silver coating combined layers, which is developed for a replacement of copper electrical contact elements, used in integrated switchgear, for aluminum ones The comparative analysis of existing technologies of formation of a copper intermediate layer was carried out. The substantiation of a choice of non-stationary modes of an electric current and perspectivity of their application for galvanic sedimentation of a protective current-carrying covering of silver was resulted. Quality of the received combined covering copper-silver on pre-production models of electric contacts was investigated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.