Map of Archaeological Sites Tracts Adzhiel in the Eastern Crimea, According to Different Sources

  •  Viktor Zubarev    
  •  Sergey Smekalov    


Publication devoted to the study, by means of geo-information system, of one of the districts of the Kerch Peninsula - Tracts Adzhiel - the territory adjacent to the gully Adzhiel and her sleeves. The important ways of migration of the Scythians and other peoples from Europe to Asia, probably, passed there in ancient times. And also there are located one of the largest on the peninsula ancient fortified settlement “Belinskoye”, as well as many other monuments. The study of the territory was carried out on the squares of the graticule military topographic maps of the General Headquarters of the Soviet Union a scale of 1: 100,000. As the information sources, were used old topographic maps Russia of the end XIX century, scale 1: 42,000 (the so-called “verstovka” - 1 “versta” - 1066,8 m in one inch), maps of the General Headquarters of the Soviet Union, scale 1: 25,000, aerial photographs of the 70-es of XX century, space images of Google Earth, the data presented in scientific publications and reports. The results lead to the conclusion that on the survey area in the XIX century there were at least 150 barrows of which are currently on satellite images clearly visible only 22 and at least 12 other types of archaeological sites - settlements, ground necropols, fortifications, most of which were not previously the subject to archaeological excavations. The detailed study of these objects is planned already on the ground in the course of future work.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.