Modeling of Integration Processes in the Business Structures

  •  Ragulina V.    
  •  Stroiteleva V.    
  •  Miller I.    


The article suggests the methodological approaches to the problems of corporate actions harmonization and optimization, as well as the mathematical and computer modeling of supporting information flows, a systematic analysis of mathematical and computer modeling, which is connected with many decision-making centers, was conducted. The main problems of those centers are the propagation of constraints, coordination of decisions, implementation of the principle of cooperation and ensuring a fair balance between the interests of its participants. The main purpose - to ensure that the simulation model will not lose its adequacy and realistically reflect the ongoing production processes, that shall be mandatory confirm with the coincidence of appropriate practical data and data, which will be obtained during the modeling in the business structures.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.