Combustion Synthesis of TiN-BN Nanostructured Composite Powder with the Use of Sodium Azide and Precursors of Titanium and Boron

  •  Aleksandr Amosov    
  •  Lyudmila Shiganova    
  •  Georgy Bichurov    
  •  Irina Kerson    


The composite powder of TiN-BN is of interest from the point of view of the use for sintering the TiN-BN composite ceramics, which compared with TiN ceramics would have less britlleness, better machinability and good tribological properties. Possibility of obtaining a composite powder of TiN-BN with the application of process of combustion synthesis (CS) or self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) from powder mixtures of sodium azide and halide salts KBF4, NH4BF4, (NH4)2TiF6 and Na2TiF6 as precursors of titanium and boron was investigated. It was shown that these mixtures are capable of burning and obtaining agglomerated composite powders. TiN-BN powder with an admixture of KF is formed only in combustion of "KBF4-NaN3-Na2TiF6" system with the increased content of halide salt of boron KBF4. In all other cases, the synthesized product has other composition: TiN-BN-TiB, TiN-TiB, TiN, often with an admixture of salts KF, NaF, Na3TiF6 as by-products. Agglomerated composite powders as TiN-BN and others consist of nano-sized (less than 100 nm) and ultra-dispersed (100-500 nm) particles. The size of the agglomerates is in the range from 10-30 microns to 100-200 microns.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.