The Mathematical Model of the Coal Gasification Process in a Flow

  •  Nikolai Efimov    
  •  Alexander Belov    
  •  Dmitry Shaforost    
  •  Natalia Fedorova    
  •  Vera Pryatkina    


The work purpose - perfection of gasification technologies of processing low reactive high zole coals. For purpose achievement the method of an intensification of process of gasification of coal in an ascending stream of the oxidizer activated by nanocatalyst, and also a mathematical model of the specified process is offered.

A mathematical model of a process of coal gasification in a one-dimensional steady flow in the form of a system of ordinary differential equations of energy and changes in the concentrations of the reactants is represented in this paper. Model is based on the kinetics of chemical reactions that determine the process. The offered mathematical model will allow to make calculations of parameters of macrokinetics and heat exchange at coal gasification in an ascending stream.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.