Change in Toxicity of Model Arsenic Contaminant in the Presence of Humates and Activated Zeolites

  •  Devard Stom    
  •  Alexander Konovalov    
  •  Mikhail Butyrin    
  •  Vedeney Tyutyunin    
  •  Mikhail Saksonov    
  •  Tatyana Penzina    


Using the methods of chemical analysis and bioassays, we investigated the toxicity and detoxication of model solutions containing arsenic salts. The ability of zeolites to absorb arsenic from model solutions was examined. Commercially available humic substances (“Powhumus”, “Humate-80”), as well as zeolites, activated with their application were shown to reduce toxic effect of pollutants. Zeolite activated by degassing, decationization, thermal and chemical treatment showed the highest sorbent efficiency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.