Investigation of Characteristics of Contact Bandages and Support Rollers of Rotating Technological Drums

  •  Ivan Shrubchenko    
  •  Andrey Hurtasenko    
  •  Rashid Sharapov    
  •  Tatiana Duyun    
  •  Nikolay Shchetinin    


Efficient operation of rotating technological units in the period between overhauls largely depends on parts of backup abutments - bandages and rollers. At the same time an effect of rolling surfaces ground contact areas shape of these parts takes place, which in the end determine contact spot characteristics.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of errors form surfaces bearing parts as well as their relative position on the stress- strain state in the contact zone. As a result of studies questions concerning contact surfaces modeling of bandages rolling surface and support roller of technological drums conditions, influence of their relative positioning on surface formation in a contact zone were resolved. Geometric and power characteristics of contact spot for various cases of positional relationship of bandages and rollers axles were obtained. The simulation results generally show that the length of the contact patch at small angles of rotation (3 degrees) does not change significantly; lowest stresses occur at the ends of the contact line, and change in length are unevenly; the maximum stress occurs at the center of the rotation axis and a third stress higher than the case where the axis are parallel. Contact patch shape is slightly different from the rectangular shape, but is asymmetric with respect to the axis of the bandage; a zone of low stresses at the ends of the contact spot, shows a change in the contact patch shape from a rectangle to an asymmetrical oval.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.