Decontamination of mercury contaminated steel of API 5L-X52 using iodine and iodide lexiviant

  •  Narongsak Chaiyasit    
  •  Charnwit Kositanont    
  •  Sheila Yeh    
  •  Darrell Gallup    
  •  Lyman Young    


The investigations were carried out to assess surface chemistry, morphology and depth profile of Hg for gas processing pipe steel coupon of API 5L-X52 after adsorption with elemental Hg at 25 0C in the presence of air. The effect of Hg adsorption periods and surface Hg levels were investigated as well as characterization of Hg depth profiles. No reasonable correlation was observed between surface Hg levels and Hg adsorption periods. Forms of Hg found on the top surface and in the depth profile were in oxide and elemental forms, respectively. However, most of Hg present was superficial and did not penetrate below the surface. The lowest concentration of 0.2 Molar of iodine and 2.0 Molar of potassium iodide was significantly found to work well with all ranges of Hg contamination with the final surface Hg levels of less than 0.1 atom% of Hg by the XPS analysis with relative percentage of Hg removal of about 99%.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.