The Investigation of Construction Materials and Protective Coatings Wear Resistance to Solid Particle Erosion

  •  Artem Ryzhenkov    
  •  Gennady Kachalin    
  •  Alexey Mednikov    
  •  Aleksander Tkhabisimov    


This article presents a description of a test rig for solid particle erosion resistance of construction materials and protective coatings investigation, as well as equipment for preparing products surfaces and protective coatings formation. The authors discuss a method of velocities and trajectories determination of solid particles that impinge on a metal surface using multiple exposure photo registration. The results of a steel 20Kh13 (X 20 Cr 13) specimen with a 2D nanostructured ion – plasma coating solid particle erosion resistance investigation are reported. It is shown that a protective coating increases resistance of blade steel 20Kh13 (X 20 Cr 13) to solid particle erosion by more than twice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.