Alteration of the Let-off and Take-up Machine of Loom SAURER 400

  •  Bingyin Liu    
  •  Jianjun Sun    


At present, many shuttleless looms in Chinese enterprises still use the mechanical let-off and take-up machine, and to fulfill the requirements of modern textile technology and consider the factor of saving cost, most enterprises begin to alter their old looms. Taking the rapier loom SAURER400 as the research object, the original let-off and take-up machine of loom SAURER400 was analyzed in the article, and the electric let-off and take-up system was designed, and the revs of the let-off input end and the take-up input end were respectively computed, which could provide some references for the alteration of future electric let-off and take-up control system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.