Technological Aspects of Detonation Coating on Working Surfaces of Electrical Contacts on the Basis of the Alloy AD-31 with a Copper Sublayer

  •  Pavel Rogozhin    
  •  Albert Gallyamov    
  •  Sergei Ganigin    
  •  Maxim Nenashev    
  •  Andrey Murzin    


We considered technological parameters of the formation of the conductive coating with the detonation method. We set modes to form a copper sublayer with the detonation method before silvering aluminium contact elements, as well as obtained optimal settings according to the flight speed of the sprayed particles of the powder material, the ratio of gas fuel in the barrel of the detonation unit, the structure of the coating application. The use of the spraying modes allows increasing the adhesion of copper coating and to ensure the layer formation with conductive properties.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.